Wednesday, 5 October 2011

British Pavilion for Shanghai EXPO 2010 by Heatherwick Studio

In September 2007, Heatherwick Studio leading a team that includes Adams Kara Taylor and Atelier Ten won the competition to design the UK Pavilion for the Shanghai 2010 Expo. The event, which was held from May to October 2010, was set to be the largest ever. Two hundred countries took part and with over 70 million visitors visited the Expo.
The studio’s concept is an enclosure that throws out from all faces a mass of long, radiating cilia. Their length means they gently sway in response to any wind movement. It rests on its soft forest in an urban field, surrounded by a concrete canopy that resembles unfolded wrapping paper.
The UK, with its millions of gardens, thousands of public parks and garden squares, has pioneered the integration of nature into cities as a way of making them healthier places, in which to live and work. The UK pavilion encourages visitors to look again at the role of nature and wonder whether it could be used to solve the current social, economic and environmental challenges of our cities.

More information about this project can be found HERE

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